The Infantry

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I think it should be during WWII. Yeah. 'Cause the whole women and military thing.

But then again the clothes look modern. Sorta.

Ha. 2nd time I've visted this page (to re-read what you've already got) and I can't help but to lol again. xD


ww2 plz.

I love that period and u can make hot nazi men XD


Oooh, yeah! WWII period would be awesome! That means MORE PETTICOATS X3333
Except - wait - in the 40s, skirts were more streamlined then, weren't they? Oh, well, artistic liscense! 8D


WW2 sounds great ^.^ it'll be good :D


WW2 XD lol poor poor girl


LOLS sooo cuuutee!!~ i luv the chibis XD and i agree with everyone WWII is a perfect choice because of the "no women allowed episode" XD


Her friend is hysterical. I guess she hadn't thought about that part, huh? Poor thing XD


I think WW2 would be really interesting.

I really like that war probly because of the interesting stuff that happened in germany.....mostly bad stuff though. DX

Just interesting on what fear can do to people and yeah.

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